The text you see below is one of my own. A short prose. I had posted this impulsive note on one of my social media accounts. It is copied/pasted here for your practice with hands-on editing. With the term “editing”, I am referring to copy editing (AKA surface editing) as well as content editing (AKA substantial editing and developmental editing). While the latter editing method is self-explanatory, the first-mentioned approach may leave some uncertainty in our minds. In sum, that type of editing focuses on the improvement of surface specifics; i.e. spelling, punctuation and grammar. The overarching concept for this process is to aim at achieving accuracy and consistency. Enjoy!

I was just about to open the curtain of the window next to my patio, my sanctuary, when I saw one bird on the closest bird feeder. I stopped to eavesdrop . . . that beautiful being was eagerly shuffling the seeds without eating any. I have been curious about these little Avians’ behavior before . . . this one was (purposefully to me), making the seeds fall to the ground. And there was another bird in the grass, waiting to be fed. How beautiful is this sight, I emoted, and took my time to proceed with my morning routine of enjoying the Sun and the always rejuvenating crisp morning air . . .

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