The following text comes to you from the Preface of my own manuscript. As I emphasize time and again, a writing always leaves room for improvement. In specific terms, we must seek clarity, coherence and cohesiveness in our written words. As for sophistication in diction and content, any text can be improved above and beyond its initially conceived version. How else can the following paragraph be formulated in order to lend it more of the three Cs and / or a more sophisticated flair? 

In our human existence, there is one core reality: We are born, we live, and then we die. Throughout that in-between-phase, we hope that our lives have mattered to our beloveds. It is the hope for permanence; that we live on beyond our death. This book is my attempt to seek such permanent memory for my loved ones. At the same time, it is my tribute to those beloveds  who are no longer with me. It is my way of proving to myself that their lives mattered and continue to matter (from: Once upon a Time in Turkey, a short story collection, pending).

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