As a published author, the focus of today’s post is nothing new to me. We write. We conclude that we have completed a flawless piece of written art. Not quite yet! I forget how many self-editing steps I take for each of my writings. Still, there are errors. Easily correctible mistakes that look at my embarrassed self. Why should such oversights not take hold of other writers? Of course, it should! If you work with a professional editor, trust that individual; for s/he has seen many an erroneusly compiled manuscript. However, make certain to do your part: self-editing. Also proofread with diligence the draft that your editor has sent to you. That draft is for your attentive reading, after all.

Enjoy your written draft, but do not assert that it is the best that can be done with it. The ego must rest throughout the process of writing, revising, proofreading, self-editing, but also during all the steps your editor offers you toward crafting your raw draft for the public eye.

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