Voyages of a Loving Soul
Mass Graves
Lies My Grandfathers Told Me
Dark Side of the Moon
Circle of Light Revisited
Aflame (Self-Edited)


Poetic Snacks 4 the Conscious Munchies
Lessons Life Taught Me
Perchance to Dream
Day by Day
Looking for Rainbows
African Dark Light
The Tender Petals
An Aegean Breeze of Peace (Co-Authored and Self-Edited Poetry Book)
Of Cabbages and Kings
The Essence of God’s Law of Love
Evils of Greed Is Not Your Root
Morocco Love
Opus 5 

(Book Covers Absent Here Yet)


Memories of You
As the Don Flows Down to the Sea
Neon Child
Breakfast for Butterflies
Tips from Taps
Haifa. Burqa. A Search for Roots. Volume II
Adventures in Consciousness
The Noise of Loneliness
7 Days in Palestine
This Is Why I Sleep
Tunisia, My Love
Things on These Things