The author will be notified in person, in case an extension to the deadline will prove to be of essence.

Each time frame below refers to the period after the manuscript has been submitted according to the guidelines. An additional week will be added for work that includes styling.

Basic Copyediting

  • Fewer than 10,000 words: 2 weeks
  • 10,000-75,000 words: 3 weeks
  • 75,001-115,000 words: 4 weeks
  • More than 115,000 words: Custom

Comprehensive Editing

  • Fewer than 10,000 words: 4 weeks
  • 10,000-75,000 words: 5 weeks
  • 75,001-115,000 words: 6 weeks
  • More than 115,000 words: Custom

Literary Translations



A 300-word review will be submitted to the author or the author’s representative within 5 to 9 weeks once the displayed fee has been agreed upon. An author or his / her representative may want to warrant a shortened turnaround time of 4 to 6 weeks for an additional fee of $75.00.

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