Writing and Editing, 23

When we write our first draft of any text, a sense of vulnerability hits us. Our capacity to word our intended content will be exposed, after all – together with our authorial voice; especially, if we are working toward the product of a literary genre. More the reason for us to be mindful as to how we compose that writing. Clarity, coherence and cohesiveness had better be on our side!

Writing and Editing, 22

An editor is a professional who must limit himself / herself to modifying only a writer’s words, sentences and paragraphs for the sake of clarity, coherence and cohesiveness. Once the editing process results in the sacrifice of the authorial voice, the edited draft is no longer the artistic creation of the writer but rather, the product of an overzealous red pen-user.

Writing and Editing, 20

“I have a confession. I’m a little OCD when I post on social media – I tend to edit more than I should. But then I started thinking, maybe we should all edit a little more – our posts, our thoughts, our words.” ~ Traci Lea LaRussa

I have the same confession. Hence, the appeal of this sentiment by Traci Lea LaRussa . . . I would, however, eliminate “maybe” from the equation and intensify “a little more” – because we all owe it to clarity and coherence, and should, therefore, edit our writings not only “a little more”, but rather more intently.