Today is not the only time when I am filled with gratitude for the trust a large number of authors have invested in me in working with them through their manuscript drafts – whether the task involved copy-editing or substantial editing. I am grateful beyond words. And then, when an author reaches out to express to me her / his appreciation of the work involved and the ensuing product, my gratitude is sky-high. Below, you will find the names of some of the authors I have successfully worked with. The titles of their precious writings follow their names. Please, bear with me while I “brag about” my professional dedication and commitment, but most of all, my labor of love toward the completion of each of these remarkable books. In front of you, dear reader, I wholeheartedly thank each of the authors whose names appear below for entrusting me with their creative writings.

[Please note: The list has been compiled in random order. As for the different genres, the titles represent a large variety which includes poetry, novel, memoir, prose poetry, single autobiography and a collection of autobiographical essays. My own literary work that has undergone my editing scrutiny has not been included here.]

William S. Peters, Sr. (Pulitzer Poetry Prize and Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee) ~ Day by Day; Think on These Things; Inward Reflections; This Is Why I Sleep; 7 Days in Palestine, and Eclectic Verse

Fahredin Shehu (Pulitzer Poetry Prize nominee) ~ Bonds; Neon Child, and HERENOW

Dr. John R. Strum ~ Of Cabbages and Kings; Opus 5, and As the Don Flows Down to the Sea

Demetrios Trifiatis (Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee) ~ An Aegean Breeze of Peace (co-author); Lessons Life Taught Me, and Whispers of Inspiration

Jackie Davis Allen (Pulitzer Poetry Prize and Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee) ~ Looking for Rainbows; Dark Side of the Moon and No Illusions

Mario Rigli ~ Words over the Ocean

Faleeha Hassan (Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee) ~ Mass Graves and Breakfast for Butterflies

Gail Weston Shazor ~ Lies My Grandfathers Told Me

Nataša Sardžoska (Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee) ~ Skin

Shareef Abdur-Rasheed ~ Poetic Snacks 4 the Conscious Munchies

Jen Walls ~ Tender Petals

Shirlee Hall ~ Circle of Light Revisited and Adventures in Consciousness

Frank Verkley (Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee) ~ Frankly Inspired. Volume I; Frankly Inspired. Volume II, and Frankly Inspired. Volume III

Laure Charazac ~ Voyages of a Loving Soul

Samih Masoud ~ Haifa, Burqa. A Search for Roots. Volume II and Haifa, Burqa. A Search for Roots. Volume III

Bassam S. Abu-Ghazalah ~ Bitter Love. An Image of the Palestinian Diaspora

Anwer Ghani (Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee) ~ A Farmer’s Chants

Lonneice Weeks-Badley ~ The Evils of Greed Is Not Your Root and The Essence of God’s Law of Love

Chukwu John David ~ African Dark Light

Tihomir Jancovski ~ The Noise of Loneliness

Langley Shazor ~ Tips from Taps

Barbara Coats Allan ~ Memories of You

Yasmeen Hamzeh (Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee) ~ A Small Revolt

Lana ‘LJ’ Joseph ~ God’s Radiance


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