“I have a confession. I’m a little OCD when I post on social media – I tend to edit more than I should. But then I started thinking, maybe we should all edit a little more – our posts, our thoughts, our words.” ~ Traci Lea LaRussa

I have the same confession. Hence, the appeal of this sentiment by Traci Lea LaRussa . . . I would, however, eliminate “maybe” from the equation and intensify “a little more” – because we all owe it to clarity and coherence, and should, therefore, edit our writings not only “a little more”, but rather more intently.

4 thoughts on “Writing and Editing, 20

    1. Aww, my dearest Kathy, you think so highly of me that I am at a loss for words in terms of reciprocating to your utter kindness. It is an honor for me to have you as my friend!

  1. I agree, but I also admit to being more sloppy with my communication on social media and acceptable of certain auto-fixes. Having stated that, I am concerned that when people who don’t ACTUALLY know that they are incorrect, and see others making the same mistake, that this process will validate and confirm that they are correct, incorrectly! LOL! ‘Lose” and “loose” is a perfect example.
    Keep up the good work! Social media depends on watchpeople, in my opinion.

    1. Dear Stephen, what a distinct pleasure it is to see you here! I appreciate your insightful comment very much. It is a matter of more flawless communication for me, as opposed to chastising others in terms of how they write. I take responsibility for my own written work, regardless of the platform. One could hope that others would follow suit. Thank you again for being here!

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